The Domicity difference

Expertise — Domicity specializes in the strategies and operations of global digital technology leaders. Since 1981, we have provided in-depth information and analysis on business models, strategies and value chains — strategic directions, market trends, finances, competitive position, organizational structure, alliances, acquisitions, R&D, products and services, manufacturing, sales and marketing operations, and overall competitive position.

Clients around the world use Domicity to help them compete and partner more intelligently. Technology suppliers, large technology users, and government economic development and investment attraction agencies rely on this expertise to help them take advantage of digital technology developments and opportunities.

Independence — Domicity is not affiliated with technology suppliers and we do not provide services validating their products. Our analysis, research and advice is completely independent.

Quality — Domicity provides exhaustive research and insightful analysis to clients. Our research uses a broad information pyramid, including a range of documentary sources as well as firsthand interviews. All projects are led by experienced partners who have the ultimate incentive to ensure client satisfaction.

Value — Domicity’s services offer detail and insightful analysis at a reasonable cost.

Credibility — Domicity’s client list is a Who’s Who of international suppliers of digital technology hardware, software and services, as well as corporate technology users and government agencies.

Domicity Management

Domicity’s senior management team has worked together for more than three decades. Each contributes special expertise to the services we provide.

Susan Sparrow, President 

Susan has been Domicity’s president since 1992. She coordinates the marketing and sales function and ensures the firm’s clients are well served. Susan has developed a worldwide customer base for Domicity’s reports and consulting services.

Prior to joining Domicity, Susan’s expertise in corporate communications, public relations and marketing strategy contributed to the success of a range of organizations in professional services, consumer products, banking, government, publishing, and market analysis.

Susan also leads consulting assignments that help I.T. companies improve customer and employee satisfaction by:

  • responding more effectively to the needs of customers
  • establishing relevant and dynamic employee communications programs
  • qualifying partners who can help improve the employee and customer relations functions

Marc Brien, Vice President

Marc leads Domicity’s digital technology company analysis practice, which incorporates company reports, industry and market trend reports and consulting assignments.

Under Marc’s leadership, Domicity has gained an international reputation for comprehensive, insightful and original approaches to competitive analysis and strategy development.

Before joining Domicity in the 1980s, Marc was a senior analyst for a respected industry analysis firm in New York City.

Marc’s particular expertise includes research and analysis related to:

  • Business models
  • Financial strategy
  • Organization and management structure
  • Alliances, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions
  • Supply chains — technology development and acquisition, product development and acquisition, manufacturing
  • Demand chains — marketing, sales and customer support strategies
  • SWOT analysis and competitive position
  • Government economic development and investment attraction strategies and programs


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Susan Sparrow, DOMICITY President