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Since 1981, Domicity’s research, analysis and advice has been helping digital industry participants gain strategic advantage.

All consulting assignments are led by experienced Domicity partners. Our complete independence leaves us free to “tell it like it is”

Domicity provides in-depth competitive analysis of industry players — business models, strategic directions, market trends, finances, competitive position, organizational structure, alliances, acquisitions, R&D, products and services, manufacturing and other supply chain activities, sales and marketing operations, and overall competitive position.


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Our partners have expertise in researching and analyzing industry trends — supply side and demand side factors affecting global markets for computers, communications equipment, consumer electronics, components, software and services.

Expertise in researching and analyzing industry players and trends allows us to provide a range of services to technology suppliers, technology users and governments seeking technology investment in their  jurisdiction.



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Domicity’s services include:

Competitor and potential partner analysis  — providing clients with a 360-degree competitive analysis of the strategies, operations, finances, strengths and weaknesses of their I.T. competitors and potential business partners.

I.T. Supplier evaluations — corporate and public sector technology users retain Domicity to evaluate existing and potential product and services vendors. Assignments identify a supplier’s long-term strategies, the ongoing viability of their business model, the extent of their customer satisfaction level, and their ability to leverage digital technology trends.


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Government investment attraction
 — government clients use Domicity’s services to help construct effective economic development programs capable of attracting and retaining investment from multinational digital technology companies.

General research and analysis — the skills developed in researching and analyzing the complexities of the international digital technology industry positions us to help clients find solutions to issues faced by other industries and public services. 


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OUR Competitive analysis

Domicity’s client list is a Who’s Who of the global digital technology industry.

Multinational digital technology vendors use Domicity’s services to help strengthen key business functions. Clients include CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CMOs, CTOs, as well as management in competitive & market analysis, business development, alliances, marketing, sales, R&D and information acquisition groups.


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Enterprise users of digital technology retain Domicity to help them independently evaluate and select hardware, software and services vendors.

Government economic development agencies use Domicity to help them compete for investment from digital technology companies and strengthen the locally-based industry.


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