breakthrough strategy analysis and advice

Domicity’s original research, analysis, and advice targets helping clients better understand the opportunities and threats facing them in the digital technology age. 

Our service offering encompasses four principal areas:

Competitor and partner analysis — providing detailed research, analysis and advice regarding the strategies, operations, strengths, weaknesses and future prospects of a client’s key competitors or potential business partners 

I.T. supplier analysis — helping large corporate or government purchasers of I.T. technology hardware, software, and services to evaluate the long-term competitive position of existing and potential suppliers  

Government economic development — working with government agencies to attract investment from major digital technology players and to increase the vibrancy of the domestic technology sector

General research and analysis — using research and analysis skills developed through years advising clients about an industry as complex and fast-moving as digital technology, Domicity brings these same skills to assignments in other sectors.

Competitor and Partner Analysis

Domicity is known for our in-depth and independent analysis and insights into the strategies and operations of global digital technology hardware, software and services competitors. We provide clients with studies that present a 360-degree analysis of a target company’s present and future competitiveness:

  • business model
  • financial performance, resources, and strategy
  • organizational structure, alliances, and acquisitions
  • supply chain — R&D, procurement, and manufacturing
  • demand chain — marketing, sales, and customer support
  • strategic directions
  • overall assessment and prognosis

A typical assignment analyzed the operations of Samsung Electronics to identify the sources of that company’s competitive strength as a supplier of components and finished products. We isolated why Samsung’s vertically integrated business model is working compared to others such as IBM, HP, NEC, Hitachi, Siemens, and Motorola, who have been forced to abandon this strategy.

Our assessments are grounded on a 360-degree analysis of the company’s strategies and operations. We have carried out dozens of such analyses, both as published reports and as custom consulting assignments.

I.T. Supplier Analysis

Our expertise in evaluating the viability of the finances, operations, and strategies of digital technology suppliers is relied on by large corporate and government users of technology to evaluate prospective hardware, software, and services suppliers or to examine the products, satisfaction levels, and overall performance of existing suppliers.

A typical assignment assessed the cloud strategy of one of the legacy suppliers of enterprise I.T. technology. It examined the supplier’s public, private, and managed cloud offerings, the comparative strengths of their existing cloud technology, the future technology direction and overall likelihood of success in the face of competition from large and smaller cloud competitors.

Government Economic Development and Investment Attraction

Domicity has in-depth knowledge about how how large multinational digital technology suppliers organize their value chain along geographic lines. This understanding helps government economic development agencies develop successful strategies to attract investment from these suppliers into the local technology sector.

In one assignment, Domicity worked with a government that wanted to understand the investment attraction strategies used by competing world jurisdictions, and to develop a successful economic development strategy that would bring more “new economy” jobs to the region. 

Assignments for government economic development agencies can involve:

  • determining the competitive strengths of the jurisdiction as an investment destination for the international digital technology industry — clusters of companies with relevant technology, educational resources, cost of doing business, government programs, and more
  • producing marketing material and approaches that effectively promoted the jurisdiction’s strengths as an investment destination
  • making sales calls on relevant management and staff in target companies in concert with employees of the client agency.

General Research and Analysis

Domicity’s complex research and analysis projects related to the global digital technology industry has allowed us to develop expertise that can be applied to helping clients solve problems in others sectors, including government agencies and NGOs.

A recent research project helped an international aid agency determine how the time allocated to literacy training for students in developing countries compares to the time allocated in countries with the highest literacy rates. The assignment included an analysis of barriers to literacy that are faced by a range of countries and presented research on gold standard programs that elevate school literacy results. 


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